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Our Purpose

Inspiring Marketers
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Marketing can be challenging to navigate alone, and a CMO’s role is often misunderstood and questioned. With The Marketing Leadership Hub, our mission and purpose are to provide access to inspiring resources and guidance that will propel you, your team, and your business! We’re creating an empowered network of branding and marketing professionals dedicated to helping every marketer reach their highest potential—you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity for growth.

At The Marketing Leadership Hub, experience and expertise come together in a nurturing environment. Founded by Damon Segal and Nathan Mathan – two veteran marketers with nearly half a century of combined experience in leadership development. Damon’s 30 years in the design and marketing arena; almost 25 years online wants to continually build a confidential environment for marketers and branding experts to learn, inspire and grow. This is a truly exclusive and life-changing opportunity to learn from one another within complete confidentiality. Become part of an inspiring journey that could unlock your true potential!


Damon Segal

Damon Segal has been a major force in the design and marketing arena for 30 years. A business owner, consultant, professional speaker and author, Damon has been involved in leadership learning, coaching and development since 2002.

Having sat through over 200 world class speaker sessions and countless round table discussions he has learnt how invaluable an organisation like The Marketing Leadership Hub can be to it’s members.

Nathan Mathan

Nathan Mathan has come from a blue-chip background in managing and consulting the full cycle of a technology solution for a business. Having worked in senior positions with businesses like Capita, British Airways and Barclays Capital, Nathan has an excellent understanding of how to seamlessly integrate the marketing function with a businesses technology.

Nathan has spent over 5 years in leadership learning and coaching and brings a unique dynamic to The Marketing Leadership Hub.

This Confidential Process Works

For 25 years CEO's have shared
and learned this way.

Damon has a wealth of experience in leadership, board affairs and professional development. His 17 years at the Academy of Chief Executives, 2-year stint chairing The Executive Association of Great Britain, and seven successful campaigns to grow BNI (the largest networking organisation worldwide) from 3 chapters in the UK to 400 chapters including Europe are a testament to his impressive portfolio.

He is also an experienced business owner within the agency realm, having served on Superbrands’ judging panel and co-founded Global Marketing Network Advisory Council – writing the Digital Marketing Module for Master’s Degree in Global Marketing Practice! With such unique qualifications, Damon truly provides exceptional insight into running smooth and efficient meetings – not only that, but he’s able to offer top coaching/mentoring support helping you reach your goals!