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Building tomorrow's
marketing leaders, today

Building tomorrow's
marketing leaders, today

A collaborative community of marketing and branding professionals

We are pioneers in offering a new hybrid program for CMOs and their teams. You’ll gain access to an incredible network of new connections, a forum for personal and professional development, peer-to-peer insights, support, and one-to-one mentoring and coaching. Joining will keep your marketing skills sharp and enhance your business, team, and career.

Our Members

Join our community of marketing leaders.

Marketing events to inspire

A unique blend of intimate and networking opportunities.

Private dining

Our private dining events offer a relaxed evening with topic experts in stunning London locations. Members can enjoy great conversations over fine food and wine, and many have made connections and taken away ideas that directly help their business.

Inspiration hour

Our Inspiration Hour is a relaxed quarterly online meeting facilitated by co-founder Damon Segal, sometimes with a guest speaker. Members come together for informal conversations and to share insights and inspiration that offer tangible benefits to their businesses.


Held quarterly, our full-day workshops begin with a half-day world-class speaker workshop and end with a roundtable session for challenges, inspiration, and insights. With a group of experienced peers to help navigate questions, achieving both personal and business goals is easier.


Our networking events connect like-minded individuals, providing a relaxed and social environment to share experiences and ideas. Many members have discovered new business opportunities, valuable partnerships, and fruitful collaborations that have had a direct impact on their success.

Upcoming events

Calendar is continually updated as new events are confirmed.
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Applying for membership

The Marketing Leadership Hub is by invitation only, as a member you’ll gain access to various exclusive events and benefits, including full-day workshops, private dining evenings, influential networking events and virtual inspiration hours.

By joining our community of marketing leaders and take your career and business to the next level. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and gain valuable insights to help you and your team succeed.

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