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In the world of marketing, where change is the only constant, last night’s Marketing Meet Up at Frameless wasn’t just another gathering—it was a celebration of community and growth. With over 100 senior attendees, the event was a great success.

Celebrating Independence and Growth

Our successful exit from Superbrands UK set the stage for what was to become a pivotal moment in our journey. As we continue to carve out our unique space in the marketing landscape, the turnout and calibre of support we received last night is a testament to our thriving community. Clearly, The Marketing Leadership Hub’s commitment to nurturing a collaborative environment of senior marketing and branding professionals resonates within the industry.

Superb event yesterday – awesome venue – really great vibe with everyone. ~ C. Halprin – GSC Solicitors

A Night of Elevated Connections

The energy was tangible as the room buzzed with leaders and influencers, each bringing their insights and experiences. Our partners, Clementine Communications and Frameless, and drinks sponsors, Ferrari Trento and Don Papa Rum, created an electric atmosphere. The collaborative spirit of the event was a true representation of our ethos at The Marketing Leadership Hub: to unite, inspire, and propel forward.

Fabulous evening at Frameless immersive art experience for our Marketing Leadership Hub meet up! ~ J Bunbury – Zayo

Culinary Delights and Inspirational Sights

As the evening unfolded, the exceptional food and wine complemented the night’s innovative spirit. With its trailblazing digital art, Frameless set a magnificent stage that encouraged creative conversations and showcased content from previous marketing activations.

The art of marketing is all about crafting experiences that stay with you, and the custom content presented by Frameless did just that. It wasn’t merely a demonstration of what brands are capable of but a revelation of what happens when creativity and technology converge.

Marketing Meet UpA Sweet Ending to Spark Future Beginnings

The thoughtful takeaway packs of sweets, distributed as the event ended, were a hit. It was our way of adding a personal touch, hoping they would sweeten the Halloween festivities the next day. These small details make The Marketing Leadership Hub’s events memorable and unique.

Gratitude and Anticipation

The remarkable turnout and enthusiasm of our attendees and supporters only reinforce our belief: exiting Superbrands UK has allowed us to focus more intently on cultivating our community and its growth. The Marketing Leadership Hub remains dedicated to empowering marketers, and this event has set a new benchmark for what we can achieve together.

As we look towards our next events, we invite venues, potential sponsors, and passionate marketers to join us on this journey. Your support is the cornerstone of our continued innovation and expansion.

A Thank You Note

Heartfelt thanks to all who attended and supported us—your engagement drives our thriving community. And a special nod to Dean at Frameless for showcasing what a world-class event space can provide for brand activations.

We encourage you to reach out, share feedback, and become an active part of our mission. 

Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of what marketing can achieve.

Here’s to the growth of our community and to many more successful events to come. 

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