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The CBI is the UK’s most influential business organisation. Working with both business and government, its vision is to make the UK the most dynamic, competitive and future-focused economy in the world.

The CBI exists to help business build a healthier, more diverse, greener and innovative economy. It’s optimistic about the future and wants to inject energy, urgency and fresh thinking into the debate to help the UK achieve its potential.

Its vision for the economy places business, and its ability to drive prosperity through providing jobs and supporting communities, at its heart. Firms will come up with – and deliver – the solutions to today’s challenges; government can smooth the way.

The brand aims to make people feel inspired, informed and empowered – that they’re represented, no matter who they are or who they work for, and they’re excited by what the CBI does and what it stands for.

From new businesses launching from dining room tables to FTSE powerhouses, CBI members from all backgrounds and professions can help drive the change the UK needs. They can Seize the Moment, go for growth, and together create more opportunities for their consumers, colleagues and communities right across the country.