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Financial Times

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. It serves as a trusted independent guide to a fragmented world; essential for the ambitious, the curious and the champions of better business.

The FT’s brand values support its position as a trusted guide to a fragmented world by capturing the FT’s progressive spirit and the desire to continuously evolve to meet the needs and expectations of audiences.

Critically, the FT’s values are a thread of consistency, deeply embedded in everything it does – its products, its brands and its approach: Integrity: to be truthful, accurate, ethical and decent.

Ambition: to lead, strive to be the best and make a difference.

Subscriber focus: to fully understand subscribers and how to meet their needs.

Curiosity: to be open minded and always eager to learn.

Trust: to deliver on commitments.

Inclusion: to value different perspectives and have a truly global outlook.