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Photo-Me, the market leader in photographic ID for over half a century, is an iconic brand known to the British public for its unique visual identity that has become synonymous with the self-service photo booth. In line with its origins as an innovator, 2022 saw the business embark on an ambitious rebranding to reflect its growing array of self-service innovations.

Internationally, the ME Group company culture is centred on adaptability, boldness, instantaneity and solidarity, with an emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. At ME Group UK, home to the Photo-Me brand, there is an immense sense of pride in the innovative beginnings of the company. Founded on inventions, starting with its very first photo booth, ME Group UK upholds that same legacy by providing a singular service.

For over 60 years, the team in the UK have endured industry changes to come out stronger than ever; dedicated to making easy work of consumers everyday challenges through simplified self-service.