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Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals is a global leader in equipment rental solutions. It places its customers, colleagues, communities, and climate at its heart. As the market leader, it has the most environmentally sustainable rental fleet and an enviable track record in its social impact initiatives which are positively transforming lives.

Through ‘Our Planet’, Sunbelt’s blueprint for a greener future, the company has already taken huge steps for positive change by supporting its colleagues, customers, communities, and the climate. It provides a plan for how Sunbelt intends to drive carbon emissions down, while helping local communities thrive. It also addresses developing the skills required for the future as well as how to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. Sunbelt prides itself on availability, reliability and ease for its customers. Sunbelt has a rigorous customer feedback programme, Customer Voice, to monitor and constantly improve its service. In the UK, its vision is to ‘own the future of rental’. Its values are Safe, Innovative, Responsible, Expert, Teamwork and Action. Every month, staff are recognised for embracing these values and going the extra mile. In addition, Sunbelt also holds its annual ‘Hall of Fame’ Awards where the overall winners are rewarded with an allexpenses paid trip to the US.

In the UK, Sunbelt now has the largest fleet of low and zero-carbon equipment in the sector and has manifested this capability through sustainable projects such as the COP26 global climate change conference, where it delivered a zero-carbon event solution.

Its dedicated Social Impact team has generated £54m in social value, supporting disadvantaged groups with environmental community projects, skills, education, and social equality initiatives. Engaging schools, young people, veterans and ex-offenders as well as recruiting people from the communities in which it operates across the UK and Ireland.