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Rock Rose Gin is a CoolBrand. It’s made by Dunnet Bay Distillers, the UK mainland’s most northerly distillery based on the north coast of Caithness, in Scotland. The company, run by husband-and-wife team Martin Murray and Claire Murray, takes pride in its environmental credentials.

The super-premium spirit was given the CoolBrands® accreditation recently and, for those who love craft gins and vodka and also like choose sustainable packaging, the Dunnet Bay Distillers’ Refill Rewards Club is a member subscription service not to be missed. The stylish, ethical spirits company uses local Scottish botanicals and was the first distillery to launch eco-friendly, fully recyclable pouches which you use to refill their iconic ceramic bottles. The pouches cost just £30 each, a saving on the bottle price, and you can buy them separately from

As the pouches are lighter than a bottle, this clever idea saves energy as well as money. There is no compromise on taste for these super-premium spirits: just the satisfaction of paying less, reusing the ceramic bottle, and helping the environment. You simply return the empty pouches via any Royal Mail post-box using the pre-paid Freepost, with no extra packaging or stamp needed. However, it’s the same price as a pouch for the regular subscription service through the Refill Rewards Club. In addition to a pouch filled with lovely gin from the range the Rewards box contains treats and surprises to make your cocktail hour even better. This has to be one of the most joyous subscription services around. There are several gins in the Rock Rose range, including four seasonal editions, so Members can switch each time within the range. The company just launched its 2022 Rock Rose Spring Edition which, like the other spirits in the range, is created using locally foraged botanicals as well as plants grown in the distillery’s own garden. Membership of the Refill Rewards Club is also a great gift for someone special.

Refill Rewards Club

You can opt to have regular deliveries of Dunnet Bay Distillers tipples on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. With 7 spirits in the multi-award-winning range, plus Holy Grass Vodka which is also made by the distillery, you can switch to your chosen 70cl refill pouch as often as you wish and you will benefit from accompany mixers, garnish and a few free surprise gifts to enjoy too. Members also have priority access to limited edition gins and vodkas before they are available more widely. The refillable pouches are just a fraction of how this company ‘gives back’, as the CoolBrands judges noted. Claire and Martin Murray, the co-founders and directors of Dunnet Bay Distillers, have a sustainable approach to business. They have even appointed a dedicated Environment Manager, who is part of the team based at the Distillery on the pristine and beautiful most northerly Scottish coastline, just north of John O’Groats.

Details of the Refill Rewards Club:
• Members can choose to become a SuperFan (£30/ monthly), an Appreciator (£30/ bi-monthly) or a Sipper (£30/ quarterly) to get access to exclusive benefits, comprising:
• A refill pouch (700ml) comes with a fabulous box of surprise goodies
• Free delivery and free return postage of the pouch
• Unlimited switch bonuses – switch to another pouch containing a different spirit in the range at any time
• Members can also update their membership subscription at any time (boxes will be sent out the first week of the month).

Scottish Gin & Vodka, Handcrafted With Highland Botanicals