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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

When you’re creating content for a website, how you write and format it is different from how you’d typically write.

This is because there is a specific way Google likes the format of your content to be in. 

When Google likes the way your content is written and believes it to be valuable, it shows it to others by boosting your website up through the ranks. While the idea itself is relatively simple, there are some technical aspects of SEO that can make or break the success of the content you’re putting on your website.


What do you need to know about SEO?


How Can SEO Help Marketing In Your Business?

SEO is incredibly important and helpful in marketing your business – when you do it right.

Understanding how to use SEO when writing your website content can help you to move your website higher up in the search results on Google.


The best (and most) traffic comes from the top few spots in the search results. 

For example, if someone is searching Google for “best hairdresser in New York,” and you optimize your website content to use these keywords, you have more chance of your business moving up into one of the top search results.

What does any of this mean?

It means more clicks over to your website from interested customers and, ultimately, more work.


Using Keywords In Your Marketing Efforts  

Keywords & Keyword Research 


What is a keyword? 

These are specific words that you include in your metadata, headlines, and scatter in your content body.

If a user then searches for those words (or a variety of them) in Google, your website will be presented as relevant to what they are looking for.

A keyword can be one word like “hairdresser.” That term will be incredibly difficult to rank for in Google because the competition will be extremely high. This is where the use of long-tail keywords come in handy.

For example, changing “hairdresser” to “best hairdresser in the Lower Manhattan area” would be much easier to rank for as it is so much more specific.


Using A Keyword Research Tool

A really helpful way to identify keywords you can use and rank for is to use what’s called a “keyword research tool”.

What does a keyword research tool do?

They give you lots of information, such as:

– The difficulty of ranking for that keyword

– How many people are searching for that keyword every month

– Alternative options you could also use

– Information about the websites that already rank for that keyword

These are all considerations you should have when planning your content.

It can help you eliminate specific keywords that are too competitive and show you keyword alternatives.

Long-tail keywords will be beneficial for you in building your website authority when it’s new. They are much easier and quicker to rank for.


Using SEO In Your Marketing 

Making sure your content is “SEO’d” helps make all the time you’re putting into writing great content worthwhile.

It is incredibly important for your marketing efforts as it is what will move your business up towards the top of the search results.

The higher up you can get, the more organic traffic you’ll start to see coming to your website. What does all of this mean? More sales for your business.