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Right now, everyone is talking about how important it is to differentiate your brand. However, some people are still confused as to whether or it is important. Many people want to know how you’re supposed to differentiate your brand and what it means to differentiate your brand.

These are all good questions that deserve attention. Let’s look at why differentiation is the most important marketing tactic.

What Is Brand Differentiation?

When you own a business, there will come a time sooner or later where you experience significant changes in what you do. It is simply the nature of offering professional services that the landscape will constantly change under your feet. Just as you change, so will your competitors.

This means that above all, your clients will require change. The best example of this is that what may have been a competitive advantage when launching your business could lose its relevance later. This means that you will need to find your competitive advantage again

This is extremely important to remember as you begin to understand brand differentiation. In essence, it will be your competitive advantage. As the name implies, it is what makes your business and brand different.

However, the marketplace is never going to wait around for you. What you might have settled on yesterday won’t be the same tomorrow. Differentiation is a continuous process that is all about evaluating the marketplace and your brand to ensure success.

Why Is Brand Differentiation So Important?

Time and time again, research has shown that high-growth brands are almost three times as likely to have something that creates a difference between them and their competitors. A great brand differentiation strategy easily sets your brand apart from others.

If you don’t have a strong differentiator, your only option is to compete on price which is essentially a race to the bottom. To put it simply, your brand’s differentiators is one of your most important assets. They firsthand facilitate your relationship with your buyers and drive your reputation.

In turn, it grows your growth.

Differentiators to Avoid

Some differentiators will drive and define your brand while others will destroy it. Businesses often fail when using worn-out and boring differentiators that have always been used. You’ve likely heard most of these ones before.

These are some of the differentiators you should avoid in order to be different:

  • “We have a proprietary process”
  • “Our employees are what set us apart”
  • “We provide a great client service”
  • “We always strive for excellence”
  • “We are trusted advisors to our clients”

If your business is currently using one or more of these differentiators, you may want to avoid using them going forward. Of course, they may be truthful. However, the real secret to a successful differentiator is knowing that sometimes the truth isn’t enough.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that to truly matter to your clients during the selection process, you need to differentiate yourself. Differentiation can prove to be tough at times like many important things in life and business. However, it determines far more than you think in terms of your business’s success.

That is why it is so crucial to get your brand differentiation strategy right. Avoiding the common pitfalls and using strong differentiators will ensure that your business sees success for years to come. With this knowledge, you can easily begin to differentiate your business and brand.

This way, you can ensure that you take the lead in the marketplace. The reason everyone is talking about differentiating your brand right now is because it has proven to be successful.