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Are you constantly looking for ways to make your customers feel recognised? If so, you are in the right place.

We are going to explore marketing personalisation and ways it can benefit your business.

What is Personalised Marketing?

Personalised marketing, also termed as one-to-one marketing, refers to a strategy where firms tailor their marketing messages to individual customers.  This strategy beats traditional marketing strategies where firms sent generic emails and made cold calls to generate leads.

With personalised marketing, customers feel special since it is as if the company is speaking to them.  For instance, when you address customers by their first name when sending emails, this will make them feel special, as if they are part of the organisation.

Still not convinced personalised marketing is the right way to go? Read on for 5 benefits of personalised marketing.

Benefits of Personalised Marketing

  1. Enhance interactions

Whenever you send customers the right message at the right time, there is a high chance the conversation will continue.  There is no better way to generate potential leads other than through conversations.

During the interaction, ensure you make the customer feel understood and valued.

The more your customers feel understood, the more they are likely to trust your business with their problems. The first step to gaining customers trust begins with personalised marketing.

Moreover, engaging conversations provide valuable information and feedback on areas you should improve.

  1. Increased Revenue and Sales

Marketing personalisation increases the number of sales in the business. When customers feel safe and valued, they develop loyalty for your business.

This means they are more likely to stick to your business over and over again despite the competition. There is no doubt customer loyalty can take your business to the next level in no time.

According to an analysis by Forbes, 75% of customers prefer to buy from brands and businesses where they feel recognised.  This is a good number, and every smart business owner should give personalised marketing a chance.

  1. Increaser Customers Loyalty to the Business

The business should understand the importance of making its customers happy. Increased customer satisfaction is one of the ways to boost customer retention.

Funny enough, increasing customer retention by 5% points to profit increase by 25%. Moreover, it’s much easy to retain customers than acquire new ones.

There is no better way to retain customers than to make them feel part of your business through personalised marketing. It’s time to put an end to the cold calls and generic emails!

Address customers by their real names and only email them when you have items relevant to them.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Buyers prefer simple solutions delivered quickly.  This means to stand out, make efforts to deliver frictionless experiences.

By pointing what customers want through recommendations, customers feel special and are more likely to purchase.

How to Create a Brilliant Personalisation Strategy

In order to create a successful personalisation campaign, here are simple steps you should follow;

Step 1: Identify your customers and what they want.  Use an 8-10 segment on shopping and purchasing behaviour.

Step 2: Understand your customers buying journey.

Step 3: Come up with personalised marketing messages that target micro-segments.

Step 4: Assess the results

Ways to Personalise Your Marketing Approach

Targeted Discounts and Offers

There is no better way to capture customers’ attention than through tailored discount codes and offers.  For example, to retain loyalty, you can offer a discount on products customers have purchased before.

Segmented email marketing

Do you know personalised emails have 29% higher opening rates than generic emails?  Take advantage of this and send tailored messages customers want to read.

Personalised content and product recommendations

Looking for an easy way to engage existing customers and re-engage older ones? Well, personalised content and product recommendations are a simple way out.

It’s Time For the Shift: Embrace Personalised Marketing Today

To keep up with the evolving technology and customer expectations, personalised marketing is important for your brand.

Embrace this strategy today for improved customer experience and consistency across channels.

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