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Superbrands UK, Superbrands USA & CoolBrands® UK members joined us last week for the ninth Trends & Insights Forum 2022 at The May Fair Hotel.

A fabulous evening of networking, socialising and enjoying presentations from Madelyn Postman, Grain Sustainability, Jeavon Smith & Alex Wilson, Amplify, Graham Williams, Dynata and Stuart Helmer, CMS as well as celebrating the new Trends & Insights Digest Volume 12, exclusively produced by The Academy of Chief Marketers, the custodians of Superbrands UK & CoolBrands UK.

Thank you for to all our fantastic partners for their incredible contributions to the Volume 12 edition, Dynata, TomorrowToday Global, Treasure Data, Opinium, Amplify Grain Sustainability & CMS Legal.

Click the link below to download the digest