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There’s no denying it anymore – the digital age of marketing is in full swing (you might even call it the renaissance), and trends are changing faster than you say “artificial intelligence”. Suppose you are building your website for the first time or rebranding from an older version. In that case, you know that it’s crucial to integrate all of your digital branding, including emails, social media, digital advertising, and yes,… your website.


Once you have your brand strategy down, it’s crucial to utilize your website to influence and even increase your digital marketing value. You want to get the best results for your money, right? There’s so much you can do by just implementing a few extra design aesthetics and focusing on your customer’s journey as they navigate your website


Here are some reasons why website design is so critical to your marketing strategy:

The Sky’s The Limit – Show Off Your Brand’s Personality 

Your website is your canvas in which to paint a picture for your customers to know who you are as a company – this is your chance to strut your brand’s “stuff” by inspiring and invigorating your customer to take action. It’s all about strong company values and a personable approach, and brand morals are more important than ever these days.

Good website design can infer so much about your brand and values without having to “say” much at all. Your website should feel personal and transparent for your brand ethos and style, so your customers can relate to you on a more intimate level (which will increase lifetime brand loyalty). And it gives you a chance to show off what makes you and your company so great to work with!


User-Friendly Design Can Make or Break You 

Referring back to the customer journey, depending on how your customer or client interacts with your brand, you can anticipate their needs and make sure they are readily available and clear to see. UX website design is about how the customer interacts with your brand and its usability for a customer who’s navigating your site for the first time.

Many people will never shop with a brand again because their website is too difficult to use. Don’t let your website break your brand, and opt for a website designer with a user-integrated technology experience.


Landing Pages are Everything

Landing pages are an incredible way to promote a new sale, product, or anything you would put into an advertisement. You can do a lot with landing pages, and they are very easy to build. You can connect your customers to your email communications, present new information to them (an upsell), and target these landing pages for specific keywords to improve your SEO.

Ensure that you keep your long-term marketing strategy in mind when designing your latest website. Does it point your customers to the information they are looking for? Are upsells in an easy-to-click area and clearly labelled? Website and usability are crucial to your customer’s long-term loyalty to your company and how/when they choose to interact with you in the future. Remember that design and UX are critical to your marketing strategy.