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An insightful article from our CoolBrand, CanO Water, highlighting the benefits of why drinking water out of a recycled aluminium can is better than plastic bottles for the environment.


Since you started reading this, over 700 kilograms of plastic have already polluted our oceans. The more plastic we make, the more ends up in our forests, oceans and even our stomachs. We’ve been fooled by plastic’s ‘collection’, as this doesn’t always guarantee its recycling. We’re here to set the facts straight! In 2018 only 9% of plastic was globally recycled and that fell to 7% in 2019. It’s pathetic. 79% of all plastic ever made is either littered or landfilled. It’s time to do something about it. Don’t you think?

Despite the UK’s rising local collection and recycling rates (recycling 57% of the 13 billion plastic bottles used each year) – plastic bottles are still continuing to turn up everywhere. 150 of them, in fact, line every mile of UK coastline. This is hardly surprising when there are a million of them sold every. single. minute. Yes, you read that right!

Yes, we all know that tap water is the holy grail, but what does one do when their trusty reusable flask is forgotten and there’s no tap in sight? That’s why we decided to put water in the most recycled container on the planet, a can. We believe recycled aluminium is the fastest solution to stop plastic pollution. Why, you ask?

Well…Get ready to take note!

Meet the best can for the job.

Here’s why drinking water out of a recycled aluminium can is better, than plastic bottles, for the environment.

  • Aluminium cans are recyclable forever and ever and ever and ever and ever… cool, you get the gist.
  • Aluminium retains it’s properties indefinitely. This means that your recycled can, will come back as another can in as little as 60 days. It really is that magical.
  • 75% of the Aluminium we use today was made back in the 1800’s. We’re talking 19th Century chic #vintage !
  • Recycled aluminium cans require 95% less energy to produce. So, we’re paying it forward – every can recycled reduces the carbon footprint of the next.
  • Aluminium cans contain almost 70% recycled content on average. Yes, you read that right, almost 3 x the EPA estimates for glass or plastic. Surprised? Well, let us inform you of a little truth…this is because when a plastic bottle gets ‘recycled’ it usually doesn’t become another plastic bottle AT ALL *insert gasp here*.

Why Recycling Plastic Bottles is (single) useless.

Where as aluminium retains it’s properties indefinitely, plastic does the opposite. It is so difficult to separate the constituents of plastic, that the idea of a ‘plastic recycling loop’ – ie. plastic becoming plastic again – is a fantasy. In other words, it’s very unlikely for a plastic bottle to become another plastic bottle. Due to it’s low-quality composition, plastic bottles therefore get DOWN-CYCLED. We’re talking conversion into furniture, fibres and even drainage pipes. And since those can’t be recycled…this downcycling process just simply delays the inevitable. Yup, this means plastics finding their way to our forests, oceans and consequently our stomachs.

So let’s face it. Recycling plastic clearly isn’t working.

How you can be a thirst class human.

A recent survey conducted by Ball Corporation, suggests increasing support from UK consumers for buying canned water on-the-go. 79% agreed that since the Coronavirus outbreak, now ‘is a valuable opportunity for retailers and brands to reconsider their approach to packaging’, considering its affect on our environment MORE THAN EVER. And we couldn’t agree more.

So be a thirst class human and help expose plastic ‘recycling’ b*****s! Next time you’re on-the-go, opt for a CanO Water instead. It’s time to stop listening to the plastic bottle giants and start acting. It’s time to turn off the plastic tap together. Let’s ditch the bottle and switch to the recycled aluminium can.

The planet will most definitely thank you later.